Using a MKR1010 as a timer trigger

Hello everyone!

I'm facing a problem in a project that involves the use of a MKR1010 WiFi. It should basically send data and when this task is completed I set an output pin to "high" and trigger a timer. The timer then activates a low side mosfet that opens the circuit until its time cycle is completed and finally closes the circuit again repeating this loop.

The problem is that after triggering the timer and opening the circuit all the pins remain "high", being the whole board at the supply voltage, in open circuit. This causes the trigger to persist and the timer never begins its new cycle, always being subject to the input of the pin I mentioned before.

How can I solve this problem in your opinion? Thank you in advance.

Please follow the how to use this forum directions. Posting a clear schematics and codes would help us diagnose something we can’t see or know otherwise.