Using a MP3 shield and a GSM shield

I am new to arduino and I would like to use an arduino to play a MP3 file by sending an SMS
So I have looked and found these 2 shields
Arduino - ArduinoGSMShield
Music Shield V2.2 - Seeed Wiki (

I would like to use Arduino UNO but I can buy a new one if needed

My problem is that I dont know how to make these 2 to work together due to the pins layout of them
(The GSM uses 2,3,7 and the MP3 uses 3-13)
Is there a solution to this problem?


If you just want to play MP3 files it would almost certainly be easier to use a DF Player Mini instead of any shield.

It may also be better to use a module rather than a shield for GSM too but I don't do GSM so I don't know which the good ones are.