Using a one-to-many wire to spilt a pwm signal

Hello everyone,

I would like to send a PWM signal generated from one Arduino to the others. There are more recipients than PWM channels available on a single Arduino, but they are all supposed to receive the same signal. Therefore, I'm thinking of using a one-to-many jumper cable (similar to Y-cable, but more legs) to spilt the signal from the sender to receivers. Would it be any issues? e.g. voltage drops, packet losses, or anything?

Thank you.

You also have to connect the GNDs.
The number of recipients could be thousands in theory, because the inputs are high impedance and do not use current. The problem is the wires and the capacitance of the wires. It depends on the length of the wires or the cables that are used. Suppose 10cm wires between each Arduino board. Then I guess that something between 20 to 100 is possible.

The "short answer" is that it's OK to connect/short multiple inputs together but it's NOT OK to short multiple outputs.

An (imperfect) analogy is that's it's OK to have many people listening at once but only one person at a time can talk.

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