using a pro micro on ps4

I play a race game on my ps4.

I play it with a steering wheel and want a handbrake. The problem is that a handbrake costs 200 euros. So I want to make one myself. I found that a pro micro could work like a sort of keyboard. I tested if a ps4 supports keyboard input which it does. But the game I play doesn't support keyboard input.

I was wondering if some one knows if a pro micro can send controller inputs to a ps4 and if it can how the button of a ps4 controller would be called if I want to program it.

Thank you in advance.

I build a button box with a pro micro and a joystick library.
But I’m using it only on windows.

I’ve also my sketch on github together with my collected links.

One thread mentioned that you have to use the keyboard linrary if you want to connect the pro micro with a ps4.

there is also a link to a video of amstudio - he has also build an analog handbrake.