Using a program to make data tables for a sketch.

never mind.

I couldn't figure out how to say what I wanted to.

I have a code tool that depends on having one or more tables in PROGMEM to run fast using links. You wouldn't want to make that table by hand and type it out as hex, I didn't so I wrote code to do the job and put it in an example. It takes a word list and outputs Arduino source code for all the PROGMEM data to serial monitor. Copy that and past it over the data in the run example and see it work with the new data.

A PC program could knock that source out instead but I didn't. When the same board you're going to put the data on is used to make the source, you have the means regardless of OS on your PC.

I have thought of ways to not have the sketch-to-make-a-sketch but they cut the data bigtime. I'd put the text in PROGMEM and the links in EEPROM, seems almost evil to cramp the data space so much -and- have the link code taking up program space.

If the example is a command interpreter, would the two-step process be too far to add-to/change?