Using a Raspberry PI as a gateway with an XBee/Arduino Sensor Network

Hi every one,

I'm here because i don't really know what's possible or not with the devices i own.

I would like to create a a sensor Network thanks to Xbee devices and using a Raspberry PI with an XBee connected in USB Port to get the data. Then the data will be upload on a Web Server hosted on the Raspberry.

Do you know how could i get those data from the USB Port and put them on the Web Server?

I'm a little bit a new one on this stuff (by the way, sorry for my english, it's not my native language :) )

Thank you !


It is more difficult than you think. You must install the LAMP server package on the RPi and libmysqld-dev to interface C programs with the MySQL package.

Then search Google for the rest, or post a question on the RPi forum.