Using a Redbot Accelerometer w/ Arduino Uno R3

Hello all! I'm new to the Arduino scene and have encountered a speed bump in a school project. I was given a Redbot accelerometer (SparkFun RedBot Sensor - Accelerometer - SEN-12589 - SparkFun Electronics) to use with an Arduino Uno R3 unit ( I have some experience using (and coding) the accelerometer with the Redbot, but am unsure how to wire it to this alternate unit; a Google search didn't turn up much. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks.

It uses I2C communication so it only requires 2 data pins and 2 power pins. I will post a pinout from sparkfuns schematic.

5v . . 5v
gnd . . gnd

I used this page MMA8452Q Accelerometer Breakout Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn

The MMA8452Q library works with Arduino.


5V to 5V
SCL to A5
SDA to A4