Using a rotary encoder. Circuit design that will pulse at three adjustable value

I am using ardunio uno r3. With rotary encoder. Three selectable (set1 set2 set3). (Example set1: 250 set2: 340 set3: 500 pulse and count from the beginning). Set3 will be reset after counting. Set1 will start again. 4-button menu set adjustment. Up top choice. Start stop.) I want to design and use this circuit for the meter mark on the moving carrier tape. Can you help me.

I am sure someone on this forum can help you. What do you need help with?


As the design looks like this. Button set1 set2 set3 value is entered and the upside down button is set. When the number of steps is equal to the value, the LED goes on and goes on, and set 2 and set 3 continue in the same way and start again.