Using a SD card module and a RFID reader at the same time

I've been making a project where if I hold the correct RFID-tag against the RFID reader, a led will go on and off.
Now I also want to add a speaker to the project which plays a notification sound. For that I need an SD card module.
I've already connected the RFID to all the correct pins (SPI pins), but I also need to connect the SD card module to these pins. I'm not really that advanced, so I don't really understand all of it.:o
Is there any way for me to still be able to hook up both components?

Thanks in advance!

There are plenty of examples of playing sounds on an Arduino without using an SD card. If the sound is simple you can program it into the Arduino and avoid all the overhead of dealing with the SD card.

The general answer is yes, you can have both connected. Both modules would have the SCK, MOSI and MSIO lines connected in common, but each module needs a separate CS (aka SS) pin.

However, there is a problem with most microSD modules available from the Far East. For everything to work, only the module being selected (its CS is low) should actively drive the MISO line. But the available micoSD modules don't properly release MISO when they should, so they work fine by themselves, but don't play well with others.

Can you post a link to the SD module you'll be using?

Other than that, you would need to find a library that supports using two SPI devices. I don't know if the standard SPI.h does that or not.

But I agree with MK1888. If you can include the sounds in your firmware, things will be a lot easier.

Thanks for the replies!
I have to add that I'm a beginner, so I don't really understand what all of the wires do and why.
SoI think I'm just going to program the sounds in, since they aren't that long/complicated.
How do I program these sounds?
And if I ever need to, how do I use more SPI modules at the same time (but explaind veeery basicly :o)

Google "Arduino PCMAudio". First three results should be useful.

Or even search "arduino play sound without sd card".

Just grab one of the Adafruit sound cards Sound card link

You hook it to your computer, it shows up as a removable disk drive. Drag in the sounds you want. Hook your Arduino to the trigger pins and have at it. Want sound one? Toggle trigger pin one. Want sound two? Toggle pin two. Done.

No fuss no muss!

-jim lee

Tutorial on using PWM for sound. Requires no sound card, just a piezo speaker.

Arduino - PlayMelody