Using a servo motor to automatically press a keyboard button

I'd like to use a servo motor to automatically press a key on the keyboard periodically every certain amounts of time.
Can you tell me if it's possible to code this? and how hard it would be?
Right now i have a Leonardo.

Yes. A Leo will be perfect for that.

If your servo is small, it may run OK without an external power supply but if you have a spare 5V supply available it will aleays be better to use that instead of running the servo power through the Arduino.

Does the timing have to be perfectly aligned to wall-clock time? Like you want to push the button at 6pm every day? Then you need an RTC Real-Time Clock module. If it is just every 5 minutes or something, the internal clock in the Leo will be adequate.

I see thanks. Could you post a guide or manual where it is explained how to write code for the macro? Thanks

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