Using a simple clamp meter to obtain data for analysing harmonics on a line


Je suis actuellement étudiant en ingénierie Electrique et j'ai un projet à faire. Cela concerne l'utilisation d'un pince amperemetrique pour recuellir une tension et les harmoniques. Puis on utilisera un Arduino Uno pour recuellir ces donnees qui sera sauvegarder en CSV. Ensuite ce CSV va etre converti en fichier excel où on calculera les 5 premiers harmoniques.

Je serai tres reconnaisant si quelqu'un puisse m'aider avec les branchements, le codage et la conversion car je comprends pas trop l'utilisation du carte Arduino.

Je vous remerçi tres cordialement


Hello friends,

I am actually student in Electrical Engineering. I have a project to do concerning using a clamp meter to measure the current and thus feed that info in an Arduino Uno and then tabulate the values for the 5 first harmonics which then should be saved as a CSV file to be then exported to Excel for analysis by doing a bar chart. Thus, i am not too user friendly with Arduino and it's causing me loads of stress. So i would be really grateful if any of you could help me with the schematics, how to load the analog value to the Arduino and its program and also if you can help me to save the CSV file and convert to EXcel.

I thank you very much for your kind intervention.



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What have you done so far? Post the circuit diagram and your code (using code tags: the "#" button) and then you can expect some help.