Using a small geared stepper with arduino

I need to control an air gap condenser from a remote position. The suggested method involves the use of a highly geared motor. I have a small geared bipolar with a control board. Using the sketch contained in 'Stepper Motor Knob' I can only drive the motor in one direction. I have also read somewhere that the sketch only gives unidirectional control. In its original application the motor was intended to provide drive in both directions.

Any advice?

The sketch works in both directions - passes positive and negative step values to the stepper library step() function. If your motor is only going one way I suspect a hardware issue?

Also, you could try the example sketch stepper_oneRevolution.

The motor should revolve one revolution in one direction, then one revolution in the other direction.

Obviously I'm overlooking something. Is there anyway to open a library to see the 'sketch'?

Dave B