Using a touchscreen to scroll in Windows app

Hey folks! I've picked up a Duelimanove and a nice little touch screen overlay, and have been looking for something to do with them. So far I've gotten the touch panel to work, providing active responses based on finger touches. Right now it's just a mess of values that change according to touch position. Ho hum.

Then I thought about the possibility of turning this assembly into a neat little scroll pad, in an attempt to bypass the cruddy scroll wheel on my mouse. Has anybody done this before? Searching for this subject results in a mess of matches for scrolling LED marquees and such, and the stuff I'm finding that relate to mice at all is usually associated with the mouse wheel rotary encoder itself. What I'd like to do is to replace the mouse scroll wheel with this touch panel instead, dragging up and down on the panel instead of constantly scrubbing on a tiny little noisy wheel.

Any thoughts? ;D

Look into serial keys/aac keys

They are emulation programs that allow you to control keyboard (and mouse) movements via serial commands, maybe you can control the scroll functionality as well.


I presume you have seen/are using this code for touch position?


Actually, I haven't seen that code yet. It looks much more refined, actually detecting touches and registering them with an LED indicator, for one thing (if I'm reading this right, as an Arduino newbie), which the code I'm using does not. My current code comes from the Practical Arduino projects book, and I was using it primarily to verify that the touch panel was working as expected. What I'm hoping to do at this point is to mimic the edge-scroll functionality of many of today's laptop touchpads, though in this case, using the entire touch surface instead. Basically, just reading vertical movements on the pad and translating them to mouse wheel movements. Your serial keys/aac keys suggestion seems promising. I'll dive in that direction next. Thanks very much for the replies! :)

Yes, that code should be better and that software will hopefully do what you require.