Using a variable to setTime for the Timelib library

I have a uno that is used to control an poultry incubator. Settings and Readings are sent/received via bluetooth from an Android programmed with App Inventor.
Now I need to sync date and time from the android. I can get the required parameters to the uno as “hr,min,sec,day,mth,year” into a variable.
But I cannot get the variable to operate in the setTime(hr,min,sec,day,mth,year) command for the Timelib library.
As you can see from the test code when I manually set it, it works fine.
You can see what I have tried and the result in the code.

// Time - Version: Latest 
// #include <Time.h>
#include <TimeLib.h>

void setup() {
//    This works to set the time ...

//    This does NOT work ...
//  String newTime = "12,59,11,12,9,2017";
//  setTime(newTime);   // error: no matching function for call to 'setTime(String&)'

//    Niether does this ...
//    char newTime[20] = {12,59,11,12,9,2017};
//    newTime[19] = "\0";
//    setTime(newTime);   //  results = 0:38  1/1/1970

//    Serial.println(newTime);
  time_t t = now();
  Serial.print("  ");

void loop() {


The following line is from the TimeLib.h file:void    setTime(int hr,int min,int sec,int day, int month, int yr);
As you can see, you do have to supply the setTime() method 6 integers (int).

I am not familiar with the time/date format that is sent/recieved by Android. You will have to convert that structure into 6 integers.

If you could supply the format that is used to transfer date/time between Android and Arduino, we could help further.


Thankyou... so obvious, but I completely missed it.

I have tested with integers and it works fine.

Thanks again for you time.