Using a wired Xbox Controller on Arduino Yùn USB port

Hello everybody! I tried to find out a post where I can understand better how to attach the Xbox wired controller to the Yun USB port, do anyone know how to do that? Are there any “linino” driver I have to install on mine board to allow the controller to work rightly?

Even solutions with Python are well accepted, since I really like the idea to have an Arduino sketch as light as possible, and leaving the hardest part to linux.

I tried to look for any “specific” driver typing the main key words, but I haven’t found anything, can you help me?

Thank you so much for your time!!!

Answer is NO, unless someone port xboxdrv into openwrt.

Thanks to have answered to my post, but does a way to install that package on the yun exist?

I try to find out that from the list you get from the yun, but none of them concerned the xbox. is you suggestion possible to apply to the arduino yun?

I have just bought the yun, and i am totally un-focused on linux os, o ssh system.

My idea is to read datas from the pad with python (just to make the Arduino sketch lighter), and then with that to control a quadcopter or a car, or other things.

The openwrt is up stream OS of Linino. if no exist at openwrt then not in linino.

Connect Joystick at ATmega32u4 site:

Interfacing a Joystick