Using a wireless presenter to control a ESC

Hi, I'm building an rc camera mount and all I need the car to do is go forward and backwards So I was wondering if it was possible to use the up and down arrows on something like this to control it? The arduino would be plugged into the ESC (speed controller)

That pointer seems to use a proprietary wireless protocol to talk to a receiver plugged into a USB host port. The easiest way to use it with an Arduino would be to add a USB host port by adding a USB Host Shield or equivalent. If you have some of electronics reverse-engineering experience you might be able to reverse engineer the proprietary protocol and build a custom receiver that doesn't require a USB host.

Perhaps you should look into a wireless keyfob and matching receiver. They generally have one output per button and are easy to connect to an Arduino. Here is one for $2.64.

johnwasser, that link didn't work for me. I think this is the same item:


There are scores of possible input devices to control a toy car remotely. A normal TV remote might work if you can insure a good line of sight between the remote and the receiver.

One of my favorite input devices for robots is a wireless Wii Nunchuck. This is overkill for this application.

I ordered a couple of these Bluetooth fobs. Unfortunately it only has one functional button. You'd need a Bluetooth module capable of being a master like the HC-05 to get it to work without a smartphone (I'm not sure it will work with a HC-05).

As johnwasser correctly stated, the pointing device you linked to uses a proprietary interface. It looks like you'd need a full PC to use it (or be really good at hacking this sort of thing).