Using AC/DV converter


Few months ago, I bought AC/DV convertor as on the attached images. Now when I need to use it, unfortunately the same article does not exists anymore on eBay. I just wanted to know its output current or its power to know which power supply cable is safe to use with it. I understand that if power supply works at max 1A for example and AC/DC convertor requires 2A, then power supply has to work "double speed" which can lead to overheating or even a fire in a place. There is not any sign of voltage on the image or on the product itself.

So what does 24V means here? In short, is it safe to use it to power Arduino?

Thanks in advance

Who can know? You have it and can measure the output voltage when you test it. What are the results?

This in the picture is NOT an AC\DC converter but a DC\DC converter - on the board is writen IN + and IN-, OUT + and OUT-. The picture is blurry and I do not see the designation of the control chip but it looks like LM2596 to me. Do not connect to an AC outlet!

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