Using AD (Analog In) as interrupt in ARDUINO 2560

May I use the AD (Analog In) as an interrupt ?

The scenario is following:

If input voltage is higher than 1V DC I need to change status of Digital OUT during 5ms (5 milliseconds) from getting the requested voltage.

The only interrupt associated with analog values is the analog comparator interrupt, on the Mega 2560
this is not connected to an external pin (on the Uno the AIN0 pin is Arduino pin 6 and can be compared
to any analog pin)

Interrupts are only available on certain digital pins.
There is a table on this page that tells you what pins can be used for interrupts on various Arduino models.

For a Mega2560, the pins are 2, 3, 21, 20, 19 and 18.

Thank You for the information ! :slight_smile:

Normal interrupts are only on logic levels, not a well defined voltage level.
There are also 3 pin-change interrupts, which handle 24 pins in groups of 8.