Using AD5263 digipots in audio project

I am interested to hear if anyone used AD5263 for controlling tone and volume in an audio project, and how easy it is to just replace normal pots with AD5263. I tried AD5206 and MCP4341 before but they are not working as expected, i.e they show correct resistance and change in resistance when not connected, but as soon as they are connected in place of the mechanical pot, they show MOhms resistance, so nothing works. I suspect power mismatch as toneboard is 12V even though digipots have own power supply. AD5263 has analog circuit that is powered separately up to 15V. I wonder if anyone has any good tips.

Good question but more information is needed. Post links to the technical information on the hardware devices and a schematic, not a frizzy thing. Be sure to show all of the power and ground connections.

Right, I have successfully used it to control stereo volume and bass and tone in low pass filter. Used SPI mode rather than I2C to control it. Now I have another project where I need to use 2 which are daisy chained. That would be an interesting try.

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