Using adafruit ultimate gps breakout with UNO

Hi, we are trying to use a gps chip from adafruit ( to track the rocket as it soars. I know we can save the data to the an SD card. Though that information is useful, we would like to use it adafruit gps as a tracker to locate the lost rocket in corn fields. I know the the adafruit does have the tx and rx pins, but I am not familiar enough with the topic to proceed any further. I would like to transmit the location info from the gps to a computer on base. What sort of electronics do i need. The rocket will might land as far as 3 miles from the base station where it was launched. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Vishwa

The rocket needs a transmitter so it can broadcast it landing position. Have a read here:

Something simpler might be a simple tone transmitter like you see wild animals tagged, then you go around with a big antenna and move in the direction where you get the strongest signal. Might be some hits here: