using ADC from due to send data to Lab View with serial interface


I am currently using the uno to send data with serial port to Lab View, but the limit with the standard interface ( i use interface from NI ) is 5 khZ @ 8 bit, also the ADC maximum rate is 10 khZ and I think i will reach the serial limit (115200 Baud ) soon. So what can I do to increase the sampling rate to about 20kHz?
is it possible with the uno? can I use 2 ADCs alternatly? can i increase the serial interface speed?

if its not possible with the uno, I could also use a due(heard something about faster ADCs) but at the moment this standard interface don't finds and connects to the due. has anyone experience using the due to communicate with LabView?
And if this works I think I will have the limit of the serial interface too? Can I increase the speed, or should I use another connection type? Which one?

I would greatly appreciate any help!

Due ADC is much faster, > 500kHz sample rate or so ATM.

The Due is very different, note, its 3.3V only, and not all libraries have been
ported to it yet.

Communication will be the problem - serial at 115200 isn't enough. However
the Due has a lot more RAM so if you only need to sample for a limited period
of time there may be enough memory to buffer it before sending back.

thanks for answering!

I have now established communication between LABVIEW and due.
so the ADC on the due is faster without setting any ADC register prescales?? because of the higher CPU clock, I guess?
Is it possible to set the serial baud rate higher then 115200?? where is the limit?
if not, i will change to I2C in the future...

thanks in advance!

Standard I2C is pretty slow, 400kHz raw rate with handshaking overhead.
There are faster I2C modes, but I thought you needed to get the data to a computer?
BT or WiFi perhaps?

Serial speeds not sure - not exactly difficult to experiment though.