Using adruino Uno without USB Port cause damaged chip

Hello i damaged the usb port Chip with a screw driver. my Computer cant find Thema adruino after this. How can i use this adruino? ich heared about a von Port, but i dont know how to use them.

You could buy a CH340, FTDI FT232, or similar USB-serial adapter board and connect it to the RX, TX, 5v, GND, and reeset pins on the Uno. Connect to the reset pin via a 0.1 uF capacitor for auto-reset.

You could also use an ISP programmer connected to the ICSP header to upload via Sketch > Upload Using Programmer. If you have another Arduino you can use it as an "Arduino as ISP" but since you'll be doing this frequently I'd recommend buying a dedicated programmer. USBasp is cheap and works well. The downside to using an ISP programmer is you won't be able to also use it for printing to the Serial Monitor, as you can with the USB-Serial adapter option.