Using Aduino and Piezos to press buttons on a gamepad

Hello, I'm very much a novice at this but I'm using this as a learning experience. What I'm hoping to achieve as an end result is to use an Arduino and some piezo sensors to trigger buttons on a wireless gamepad. The piezo would trigger a different number of buttons depending on how it is hit. The whole thing would need to be self-contained, in that the Arduino itself would not be connected to a USB or power cable. I've found a few tutorials on using piezos with Arduino but not as much on using the Arduino to trigger digital switches.

Is something like this feasible?

Have you already reverse engineered or found documentation on the wireless gamepad?

I'm thinking of doing something more general-purpose so I can use this with a couple of different gamepads. I was reading somewhere that there might be a way to trigger a button on a gamepad board by sending the proper voltage through to make it think the circuit was closed since the gamepad buttons are basically just closing a circuit.

Rather that continuing to guess at how the switches work, why not get your DVM, digital volt meter, out and begin testing how the switches work?


I haven't yet purchased a multimeter but there are a couple I'm looking at trying to decide which one to purchase. To simplify things a bit, I'll narrow the scope and provide some additional details.
What I want to do is build a controller for a popular Taiko drum game that's been officially released on several game consoles as well as a PC clone. I was pointed to this project which uses an Arduino to turn the piezos into a USB controller: GitHub - LuiCat/ArduinoTaikoController: Sketch for Arduino based taiko game controller circuit for PC and Nintendo Switch . However, it's missing a couple of things. In the original arcade version of the game, you can tap the drum and it registers a normal hit but if you hit the drum controller harder it registers a harder hit that is the same as hitting both sides of the drum at the same time. I would like to see if I can figure out how to modify that project to do the same thing.
Also, I wanted to use the controller with a Nintendo Wii console, which I could do if I can figure out how to get the piezos to trigger buttons on a Wii Classic Controller PCB. The Classic Controller has inputs from the main Wii controller with two 3.2v pins, SDA, SCL, and ground according to the schematics that I found. Triggering the buttons requires grounding them, I believe, which is what happens when you press one of the buttons the face of the controller.