Using Aduino to read distance sensor for max msp

Hi- I am sort of new to all this, but in an class made a max patch that uses a makeboard as a way to read a infrared distance sensor. the max object is mc.usb. I want to use an arduino instead, because it doesnt require an external power source, and it is for a portable sculpture. A friend helped me program the arduino, so it picks up info from the sensor, and makes a list of numbers. but what should my new max object be to read it? I dont know how it is programmed.

Depends on what you consider an external power source to be. The Arduino needs power. It doesn't come with a built in battery or anything. It either gets its power from USB, Wall-wart or battery pack.

When asking for help in coding its a good idea to post the code your using or have a problem with so we can see what needs to be done. Also it would help if we knew what the hardware configuration was like. What kind of sensor are you using? How do you have it connected to the arduino? That sort of thing.