Using An Accelerometer To Wake Up Arduino

I am working with an Arduino Nano V3 to try to accomplish the following task: - When change in acceleration is sensed by an accelerometer (currently have MDU-6050 GY 521) read input from ultrasonic range finders (currently have HC-SR04). If range is less than a given value activate a piezo speaker. I would like the project to be able to run for at least 6 months on 2-3 AA batteries or similar capacity power supply.

I have a few questions regarding the feasibility of this project: - Should I ditch the Nano and make an Arduino clone with no voltage regulator to save power? - I assume I will have to put the microcontroller to sleep to meet my power budget, is it possible to use the MDU-6050 low power mode to continuously look for changes in acceleration (1-2 Hz refresh rate) and "wake" the microcontroller when change is detected? (Note: I really don't care what the actual values of the acceleration are, I just want to turn the board on when they change. is there a better accelerometer/motion switch/....? sensor for this application?)

My desired end product is a PCB with a microcontroller and accelerometer integrated on board with pins available to connect up to 3 ultrasonic range finders, but I am still at the very beginning of the project trying to see if this is even feasible given my relatively small power budget.

I'm a mechanical engineer who is competent on the hardware side of things and I took a C++ course in college 6 or so years ago and have been coding in various languages on and off since then. Please let me know if this looks like a doable project for a guy like me. Thanks in advance for your input and suggestions!

The GY521 board does have an interrupt, but you would have to read up on how to use it. I think that board is also set up to run at 5V (with on board regulators etc) but you could check if it runs at 3V.

The nano runs at 16MHz, and that is definitely 5V territory so I would suggest another type of board, either a pro mini at 3.3 V or a standalone Atmega328P, set to run at what ever speed you want.

Thanks for the input. At this point I'm not too concerned about the particulars, I'm more just wondering if the whole project is something that is doable with an Arduino platform. My main concern is that I will not be able to provide enough power to keep the system available for 6 months or longer. The duty cycles should be pretty short (30 sec each about 15-20 times per day) so I don't think the power draw of the active portion of the will be a huge deal. I'm more worried about how to minimize the power draw of the "off-duty" portion of the cycle where the accelerometer is the only thing active. Any help on "waking up" an Arduino or Arduino clone using any type of sensor input would be greatly appreciated.