Using an android device as the controller...

As I skimmed the variety of forum titles I realized that this question could easily fit into one of several I put it in this one :grin: My project, as I have mentioned in a prior post, is to include robotics - or should I say telemetry? - into the ebike that I am making now. Because of the fact that the electronics will be in a less than friendly environment most of the time I am looking for small, rather rugged options to control the sensors, relays and servos. I remember reading an article about 18 months ago about Android 2x that said that Android 2x would have the ability to have master usb functions - almost all handheld devices usually only have usb slave functions. Are there any pda's, smart phones or other portable electronic devices out there that would do the trick? A smart phone would be ideal because most of them have gps functionality (which I need), a still and videocamera (which I also want), have a storage card (another need) and a phone so the my bike will be able to call daddy if it gets stolen. It would also serve as my mp3 player (stereo) and video player

Any ideas?

You can get an Arduino to talk to an Android phone that just has USB slave, by putting a USB master shield on the Arduino. In fact this is the way that the new Android Accessory Development Kit works. This however needs Android 2.3.4. Googling will find you a storm of info and how-to's. These instructions worked for me.

Also, have a look at this, as an alternative.

If you have bluetooth shield or usb-host support on your android device, i'd recommend to use ArduinoCommander android app -