Using an Ardiono and LED's for room lighting

I know there have been some topics on this and I have been searching the web for Ideas. However, my question is a little different. I just moved into a new apt, and my bedroom has no overhead lighting. I was thinking of using LEDs to light the room. However I don't know the best route for this. I was thinking of following the 8x8 matrix guides and making 8 light bars basically and spread them out around the ceiling in the room. Or to try and Charliplex a big strand around the room.

I'm a quick learner and a beginning EE student so I know a little about programming/electronics but need some guidance as this is a little ambitious.

But do you guys think this is even a viable option or should I just go with some crap floor lamp?

You will need high power leds not just regular leds. I dont think you will need to charlieplex unless you want certain leds on at a time. (Like for different rooms)

Well I was hoping to be able to have white light and also be able to change it to basically a room moodlamp. OR should I just make one set for overhead white lighting and another set for fun?

Related project to give you ideas.

Reply 27 and 28 I have details on my current progress.

Instead of using RBG LEDS you can use bright whites.