Using an arduino as a keylogger for a laptop

I'm pretty new to using an arduino and I'm wondering about the feasibility of my project. What I'm planning to do is to use my ardiuno uno as a keylogger on my laptop and then send that data to a wifi module so I can access the logs with another device.

Most of my research so far seems to be geared towards a detachable keyboard. A general keylogger project seems to be something like use arduino > attach usb shield host > attach wifi/bluetooth module > transmit data. However, since I'm planning to use a laptop, I'm not so sure if a usb shield host would be needed (I'm thinking the 2.0 usb cable would be enough? I might be wrong).

Is this project possible to do with only an arduino uno and a wifi module?

"keylogger" needs malware on computer. If you mange that or buy a devent devkit from the 3 or 4 or 5 letter organiastion you trust, ther's no need for the USB device any more.

This is just a small project. I’m not looking to make a particularly efficient or useful keylogger. I’m not planning to make malware or anything. I was actually thinking of something similar to scanf (or any of the different variations) until end of file (or until i disconnect the arduino). Sorry for the confusion!

Sorry, a keykogger is malware per definition.