Using an arduino board to 'talk'/'input' with/to a windows computer

Hello professionals,

I want to be able to talk to my computer hardware-wise. What I mean with this is that I want to have a simple pushbutton which I can connect (maybe through arduino) to my windows pc and then make an event happen in another program or software. For instance excel.

What I specifically want is a (push)button which I can press. When the button is pressed, I need an action/event to happen on other software on my computer. To be specific: Excel. I know I can talk to my computer with my arduino via the serial port. But is there a way to export the information from the serial port to the computer and use it there. Another option might be I2C?

Is there any way this can be done with sheer simplicity or in a medium simple way atleast? Any ideas, experiences, opensource hard/software etc. are very welcome. Any questions ofcourse aswell!

For anyone who wants to go to the effort of replying or helping me out in general: Thank you so much in advance!

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Kind regards,

Kai van Veldhoven

A friend of mine once discovered that Excel has functions to operate the serial port. He wrote a spreadsheet that successfully controlled a radio, without using any other software. I know nothing more about it.

Arduino can communicate over the Serial port to your computer, but it can’t make your computer do anything. All it can do is send messages. You would have to find or write a program that reads from the serial port and acts on those messages to do something on the computer. What kind of program or how it would work all depends on the type of action you want to take. Perhaps if you can be a little more specific about that someone may already have a solution or at least a partial solution.