using an arduino to burn bootloader.

im was planning on making a robot but without the arduino, i was planning on using the Atmega8/168/328/644/32(which ever one i can find), so my question is that i am not familiar with avr programming but i can program in the ardunio ide, so can i use my arduino to burn the boot loader on all of the chips mentioned above(or should i buy a specific chip that the arduino can burn), then make a circuit for them and then program the Atmega's using Arduino IDE??

here ya go

thanks for the reply, ive seen that, just to confirm by doing this is can burn the arduino boot loader into any Atmega and not only 168 or 328 and i can then program it in arduio ide?

Yes any processor / board you have got support for in the boards menu.

The other day I used this method to burn a boot loader for a 20MHz ATmega 644 chip, for a Reprap controller. I used the files on the Reprap site to extend the boards supported to the 644 and 644P chips at both 16MHz and 2MHz

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You may take a look into this thread: Arduino Forum

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