Using an Arduino to write to an odd LCD

I got a 40 x 4 lcd from a local hardware store and couldn't figure out how to use it with my arduino. I'm pretty new at this stuff, so can someone please help me make a "Hello World" sketch? I found the datasheet after about an hour of searching, so here it is:

Note: I have an Arduino Duemilanove and know how to do all the basics, i.e. upload a sketch. I am semi-familiar with C++ because I studied Java which is so similar it's remarkable.

Thanks for any help! -Bojj

It is a HD44780 compatible. in this case a KS0066. The PIN description is there, so should work with the normal library think. So where are you lost ? To work with things like arduino, you do have to get used to do a lot of research. Because if u aint willing, it is not really the ting for you. Thats is actually where all the fun is lol

I'm used to a lot of research from some other interests I used to have. The thing that confused me is how on the Arduino page for Liquid Crystal, it said something about a certain number of pins was an indicator of a HD44780 compatible LCD and this had a different number. You know, I'm just going to experiment plugging wires in where I think they go. (I fried 2 IR LED's that way...)

But thanks for the help! I think I will have this LCD up and running by tomorrow (Stupid homework)!!!

the datasheet seems to enumerate them quite well, so not much margin to errors there i think

UNLESS it is not what really says ( KS0066 and therefore compatible with the hitachi) as it happened to me with a powertip PC1602LRS that is not compatible at all in 4 bits (at least not with updated libraries). Normally, its better to buy in stores that you know have proper SUPPORT for arduino, as many other will have tested it ! for prototyp[ing will save u lots of hassle.

This LCD is about 5 years old (by my guesstimate) and, new in package, I got it for $7.50. It would be, like, 50 dollars at RadioShack! I think I'll just experiment with it.