Using an Arduino Uno as a Spectrum Analyzer & Tuner


Can the Arduino Uno run two programs simultaneously? If possible, I would like to use it as an inbuilt tuner and to power a basic little spectrum analyser, I've found on the forums that other boards can multitask but not sure on the Uno. If the Uno is not suitable for this task, could someone let me know which device may do the job? I've started a project to build my own guitar (not a school project, more of an interest project), and I was hoping to embed an Arduino into the guitar to run the above two features. I'm completely new to programming but have been browsing these forums since coming across it and they look to be very useful, I've found a guide to run a small spectrum analyser type board from an Uno already, just need to track down the tuner instructions! I know from a quick search there are lots of threads about this subject. Thanks in advance for your help!

Solitary bump as I've re-worded the title and question in case that's more helpful. Won't do it again!