Using an AVR Dragon with Arduino?


Ive got my hands on a cheap AVR Dragon from a friend, and was wondering how to use that to program the Arduino rather than use the Bootloader. I'm pretty n00bish when it comes to a lot of AVR stuff (though I'm slowly learning) and will probably use other software progs eventually (studio 4 etc), but for now I'm getting on with the Arduino Environment and would like to continue to use it for the time being (untill I get my head round a few things). I understand you need to change the preferences file if you want to upload using an ISP and not the bootloader, but in the hardware programmers.txt file list that you chose a programmer from there isnt a option for a dragon..

Any help on how I would go about this (if its possible)would be great.. I'm guessing that maybe changing it to "AVRISP mkII" would maybe work ???

Many Thanks