Using an off the shelf automobile gauge sender

As you all may have guessed my current project is with automobile telemetry. I currently have a working accelerometer prototype and am looking to include other sensing capabilities with it.

Right now I'm eyeing temperature and pressure senders that are purpose built for in car gauges. Any idea how you think these work? They are relatively cheap and made to be screwed into the oil pan of a car. I can get an oil temp sensor for anywhere from $17 to $70 ( I don't think a circuit could be to difficult to make to have one of these work with an arduino.

...for the curious the previous two posts I was working on a boost (turbo pressure) based trigger. So i am wiring up a MPX4250AP ($15 pressure sensor) (0-36psi) to the arduino and then triggering an event (in a 12V system; hence the relay post) when a certain pressure is met. I'll also display the pressure and allow the user to control the pressure trigger point with a pot.


I only looked a tone of the sensors, and it was a resistive type: 0-30 ohms. these would work in voltage divider configuration... probably a good idea to put them on the ground side of the voltage divider. Google "voltage divider" for more.


i'm working on a similar project..

inputs -0-5v boost (1-3bar) - using a GM type peizo sensor -0-5v (wideband) - LC1 from ebay -0-5v TPS -knock sensor

output -LCD 4 wire (AF ratio, MAP in, MAP out, auto-tune display) -analog output for the MAP

thinking about.. -digital out, for turning on the water injection -rpm input (from coil) ==> LCD display