Using an old Lobretto

Hi Guy's
I thought I would drag my old Toshiba Lobretto 100 from under the dust to use as a built in monitor for my Bio Reactor.

Has anyone tried to use something running Windows ME (virtually the same as Win 98) one, to run Arduino017 and two to run Gobetwino???

Unfortunately it only has 32mb ram and an unknown processor but runs hyperterm OK. So ME is about all it will run.

I can load the USB converter drivers (FTDI) ok and can see the loaded USB Converter but it is not given a com port number so the comms programs can't be setup.

When I try to run Arduino-017 I get the startup/splash screen for a while and then it goes off and... nothing.

Any clue's guy's?????
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I have managed to get GOBETWINO to run but had to load .net Framework first (took about 3 hours on this old machine) and when I try to run Arduino.exe it goes much further then comes up with a "launch 4j When starting the program" error..... Any idea's what this means.

I still can't get the USB port to come up with a coms port number though.
Does anyone know the wiring details of a com1 to USB cable..???

That might be a way out. I can live without Arduino.exe on this computer.
Regards John
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you would need a serial->ttl level converter and just don't use the usb connector on the arduino. you can usually find these on ebay for hooking up an older smartphone or pda to a serial port.

might be easier to find a newer windows box though...

Hi Bill.

Merry Christmas to you.

Thanks for the info.
I have a number of PC's but the Libretto was the original palm size PC which gave good service on Win98 and ME. It has a pentium cpu of some sort but memory is a bit short. I think that may be my problem.
I don't need anything fast and fancy
I just don.t like seeing perfectly good stuff doing nothing. It is just the right size to fit onto my Bio Reactor.

I might investigate a parallel to USB converter also but I think these are usb to printer so will be in the wrong direction.
I wil have a root through box of mobile phone junk you may have a good point there.

When you mentioned the level converter without the USB where were you thinking of connecting it on the Arduino?
Regards John
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