Using an Uno for Vehicle Diagnostics

My goal is to connect my truck's computer to diagnostic software on my laptop. The auto forum I'm on specified a ft232rl based on the fact that it could connect at the correct baud rate. Can the Arduino Uno do the same job? I own the Uno and have heard of the troubles re. drivers for the fake ft232rl's. TY

...just a three wire connection. RXD and TXD combined to run to one terminal under dash and a ground to ground terminal under dash. Basically, a homebuilt cable. Saves about $50 -$75 compared to a ready made one. Just wondering if the Arduino Uno can take the place of the ft232rl?


What is the voltage output of the pins that the other ends of the wires are connected to? If the voltage level is really RS232 levels, you will fry the Arduino using that input.

A MAX232 chip between the truck and the Arduino will correct the voltage levels to TTL levels that the Arduino can handle, and understand.

Output from truck terminal is 5v.

Figured it out and yes, the Uno will take the place of the ftdi board. A guy on Youtube was using the Arduino to connect another board to his computer. The only thing I missed was eliminating the chip on the Arduino...simply by jumpering neg to reset. Hooked it up and the truck talks to the lappy...Now I find out why my Sub doesn't shift right. Adios!