using an XBee usb to serial board to communicate with ATMega328P

I have an Arduino Uno, recently the communication to it has gotten messed up somehow, I am unable to send programs to it, I verified that it is the communications by moving my chip to another Uno where there were no issues communicating. I am currently borrowing an mkii programmer but I only have it for a short time so I am trying to find a way to program my chips with what I have.

The best I could come up with was the possibility of using my XBee usb board and hooking up the tx rx lines to my chip. Would this even be possible? If so, is there anything else I would have to do to get it to work?

It's only a temporary fix for the next few weeks so it doesn't have to be fancy, this is partly why I don't want to shell out the money to buy the AVR ISP or another Arduino to program with.