Using analog inputs powered by external battery


I am working with the Pololu Infared Beacon which is powered by 10 volt which is supplied by a battery.

The infared beacon provides 4 possible analog output signals (each being either 5V or 0V).

The arduino is currently powered through a USB connection and I am connecting the 4 analog signals from the infared beacon to 4 analog inputs on the board.

I am using arduino mega.

Question is… I assume that the ground from the 10 volt battery needs to be connected to somewhere on the arduino board. I’m not too familiar with Arduino.

Should the ground be connected to the AREF pin?

I appreciate any help you can give me.


No, it should be connected to the pin marked "gnd"

kingradu123: ...each being either 5V or 0V...

Then they are digital signals, not analog signals.