Using analog pins as a source of power?

Hey everyone,

I am using an Arduino mini pro and I think about using on of the analog pins to drive the RN-42 bluetooth module's Vdd.
My question is

  1. I am using SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN to intermittently save power when things do not need to be processed, with the analog pins turn off as well during this?
  2. Can the pins of the mini pro supply up to 30 mA? How practical is that? I've read about other arduinos providing up to 40 mA per pin but just wanted to make sure it is same for mini pro

I suggest you use a MOSFET. I have a project here:

That turns stuff off and goes to sleep.

Here is the part that turns on and off the "switched 5V" line:

I've got that back to front I want it grounded when it is pressed so OUTPUT LOW is the same as ground and INPUT in not ground? Seems counter intuitive

No 40mA is the limit you must not reach, if you do damage is done. It is a function of the processor not the board.

The output remains in the commanded state when it goes into sleep mode.
If it is high, I believe it will continue to source current as well.