Using ArduCAM Mini 5MP OV5642 Plus with Uno and a Mac

I am trying to use the ArduCAM Mini 5MP OV5642 Plus. I just bought the camera, and I was trying to use the ArduCam host for mac with the given example program ⁨ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_OV5642_Plus_Functions⁩. However, after I upload the code and use the Arducam Host i get the error: ACK CMD SPI interface Error! END. As far as I can tell, this is because the arduino is unable to write to the SPI Bus (the error occurs due to the write_reg function not working; the value of ARDUCHIP_TEST1 does not change). Is there something I am doing wrong or a way to fix this?

I am using an Arduino Uno My wiring: CS - 7 MOSI - 11 MISO - 12 SCK - 13

The camera

I cannot post the code since it exceeds the word limit, but it is the given example code for the ArduCAM Mini 5MP OV5642 Plus.

Hi, were you able to solve this? I am having similar problems