Using Arducam OV5642 Mini 5MP plus with arduino uno and xbee

I am trying to make a camera to take pictures on a certain time interval which will store them back to the SD card or send them directly to a PC over xbee RF modules (series 2). I am using an arduino uno. I am struggling to take pictures with the arducam at this moment; everything I find online is super long and complicated and doesn't address simply taking a picture and storing it to the SD or using it a different way.

Any advice as to using the OV5642 mini 5mp plus? I just need to take pictures every so many seconds, and store them to the SD card for now. Sending them over the xbee is the next(and harder) step. If I could get the camera to work for now, I would be happy. Any advice? I can definitely provide more information about my project or setup if anyone needs it, please let me know.

Any advice at all as to how to tackle this problem would be great. Thanks!