Using Arduino and I2C to control 4 Continuous Servos - Help

I'm brand new to Arduino and have no experience coding. I'm using an Arduino Uno and PCA9685 16-channel PWM board to control four FS90R Continuous Servos.

All I want to do is have two of the servos spin in one direction continuously and the other two spin in the opposite direction. It would be great to set a speed for the spin as well.

I've fiddled around with the Wire and Adafruit PWMServoDriver libraries, but since I have no coding experience, none of it makes sense to me.

Can anyone help with this project?

I'm guessing that you have a board similar to this one. In that case, you can probably use Adafruit's library for the board. You can find example code in the library's repository on GitHub, which will likely be helpful. After that, it's a matter of figuring out how to use the library best.

How did You manage those previous projects?
Why go for such a relatively advanced project directly? Why not start at a more simple level like managing one single servo?
This "game" is not any plug and play. It's hard work, brain work, reading data sheets, specifications etc.

Bring down Your project into small pieces and get every small piece running, understanding "how to" before assembling those pieces together for the real project.

Since you are new to coding and Arduino I HIGHLY recommend you get Adafruit parts and go through their Learning sections for those parts. You might have another PCA9685 board but the library and example code should still work.

It's a long road if you just try to jump in and want step-by-step instructions. Adafruit gets close to that but since you want to control 4 servos doing different things you might have to add your own changes to their examples.

Also, Servo motors typcailly only move about 190 degrees but there are continuous type servo's too and it sounds like that's what you want and hopefully have for at least 2 of your servos. Here is a good thing to read before starting with Adafruit PCA9685 learning session.

Why do you want to use a PCA9685 to control 4 servos? It's no problem to control 4 servos directly from the UNO be means of the servo.h library.The PCA makes things much more complicated than simply using the servo lib.

But more reliable when the coding gets complex. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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