Using Arduino and PWM to control LTC3780 Buck/Boost

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My project seems pretty simple but I've had some problems based on my overall inexperience with electronics and coding. I want to use a 12v/120W induction coil to precisely anneal pieces of brass using a thermocouple and PID for temperature control. I started using this tutorial as a base:

And tried using a FET trigger switch module to control the induction coil and it all went up in magic smoke. I found out that the induction coil wants to be fed a variable voltage, not triggered via PWM and a FET. I purchased this product as a way of adjusting the voltage, but I'm unsure of how to properly control it via Arduino.

Here's some research I've come across:

I understand that there is a voSense pin attached somewhere on the voltage control trim pot that I can apply a voltage to adjust the output of the buck/boost. Firstly I must run it through an RC filter and then potentially a voltage divider in order to make this work, according to the reddit thread.

I need some help designing the RC filter and voltage divider. Also, I'm not sure how to adjust the PID code from the tutorial to work with this buck/boost converter. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Here's some more info that may be useful:

So it seems my options are to address the sense pin directly or replace the analog potentiometer with a digital one running in ratiometric mode. Any insight is greatly appreciated.