Using Arduino as a break buzzer timer possibly with a relay?

Hello all, we have been through 3-4 break buzzer timers in the last 2 years for some reason. They either don't want to keep time and we keep having to manually type the time in, or they don't have enough set points for when the timer should go off (we need 24 set points, many timers seem to only have 20 for some reason).

I am hoping an Arduino might be able to handle this task for us, and a lot cheaper than these stupid timers. I would imagine that it would just need to connect to a relay, and then just trigger the relay for a few seconds at multiple set times to turn the horn on in the factory, then turn off. That is all it needs to do, every day of the week.

I would imagine the Arduino has the ability to keep time, or would that be some sort of addon? I have never used one before, but it just popped in to my head that it might be a good idea!

If anyone has any input, I would appreciate it. (I am deciding between this and a rasp. pi setup of some sort, because it would be nice to be able to have a web interface over network to set and change the times (now and again the factory manager will adjust the times when people take their breaks depending on demand)


You could certainly do that with an Arduino but you would need a Real Time Clock (RTC) module to keep the time as the Arduino oscillator is not accurate enough. And if you want a web interface you would need an Ethernet or WiFi shield or an ESP8266 WiFi module.

If all you need to do is operate a relay occasionally an RPi might be a better option (easier to program a web interface) - but I have no experience of the RPi.