Using Arduino as a PLC

Does anyone know where to down load the traditional PLC programming languages (ladder logic, function block, and structured text, Sequential Function Charts, Instruction List) for use in an Arduino PLC?

I found this video where he builds out a PLC out of multiple Arduino components - Arduino based Industrial PLC - Intro and Teardown - YouTube

I think the guy mentions that he is using C and personally I would just as well use matlab or VB but employers are asking for (ladder logic, function block, and structured text, Sequential Function Charts, Instruction List).

Thank you

If you want your PLC experience to be relevant to industry then use a real PLC with a brand name that employers will recognise. Industry doesn't care about super cheap PLCs. Vendor support and minimising downtime are more important than capital cost.

If money is tight look at the Click PLCs from Automation Direct. You should be able to put together a development system for less than $200.

I really just need to learn the requisite PLC languages. Perhaps this should be in the software/programming section since I dont actually have to put together a cheap PLC system.

I have figured out how to down load ladder logic I just have to figure out how to get compilers for the other 4. Money is not too tight but I dont have any commitment from the jobs I have applied for so I am not going to spend much (if any).

You can use a Outseal PLC, this a free software but not open source,

This use a arduino nano and arduino uno,

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you can use ldmicro free software, you can program arduino uno and arduino mega, and other avr and pic microcontrollers:

latesr version untill now is ldmicro, you can donwload it from here:

You mentioned that employers are asking for ladder, function block diagram, sequential function charts, and structured text. I found some good articles you might want to read to get familiar: