using (Arduino as ISP) to upload a program on Atmega 88 sheet.

Hello dears,

I am using Arduino MEGA as ISP tp uploading a specific program on atmega 88 sheet.
My problem is that I can not find in Arduino program (Arduino 1.6.5) >> tools >> Board >> (Atmega 88)??

Can any one gives me a link and how can I find atmega88 in arduino program.


any help guys ??

Try here.

Cheers, Ale.


thank you for reply,
after I downloaded the file ... where I should post it ??

Try to refer to IDE help, Development Environment, I can read this :

Third-Party Hardware

Support for third-party hardware can be added to the hardware directory of your sketchbook directory. Platforms installed there may include board definitions (which appear in the board menu), core libraries, bootloaders, and programmer definitions. To install, create the hardware directory, then unzip the third-party platform into its own sub-directory. (Don't use "arduino" as the sub-directory name or you'll override the built-in Arduino platform.) To uninstall, simply delete its directory.

For details on creating packages for third-party hardware, see the platforms page on the Arduino Google Code developers site.

Cheers, Ale.