Using Arduino as "plug and play" device

I am building a tensile tester (TT), for use by students, and want to be able to control the TT via a user interface on the computer screen.

The idea is that students, when they use the TT, bring with them only a laptop that they connect to the Arduino (this Arduino will be integrated in the TT). Then, without downloading any external software, I want a simple user interface (UI) to pop up on the screen of the laptop so the students can use it to control the TT. Also, in the UI, I want a function to export the data (in an ASCII file) to the laptop so the students can interpret this later on.

Is it possible to create such a "plug and play" function with the Arduino?

Thanks very much for helping!!

Hi and welcome.

What you ask is very unlikely to be possible.
The reason for that is that you need some software for this, and there aren't that much OS'es that have this built in already.
So you need some software to be installed for this.

I've seen devices that install their own software.
To do this, they are identified as a memory stick, and after that has been installed, it will install the driver and other needed software.
After this installation, the device will be recognised as the correct device, and the software can be used.
That software doesn't change the Device ID and Vendor ID (these are what is sent to the OS so it can recognise the device) aren't changed, because when the device is plugged in for the first time in another machine, it will install the software again.

It may very well be possible to create all this using an Arduino.
But you need to understand USB protocols very well, and change the bootloader on your Arduino.
You also need to add a piece of memory (a SD card could do the trick) to your Arduino, and write the drivers and software for all platforms (widows in different tastes, mac, android, i don't know) you wish to support.