Using arduino board like programmer in AVR Studio

Hello ,is there possible to replace atmega with arduino bootloader to "clean" atmega 328P(without arduino bootloader) on board and program it with avr studio in C? I checked this tutorial - but i must have arduino bootloader on atmega.


If you don't have a bootloader on the chip you need an In-circuit Serial Programmer (ISP or ICSP) device. You can emulate one with an Arduino and the ArduinoISP sketch (Files->Exampels->ArduinoISP) or buy one from China for under $10 on eBay (look for "USBasp").

So is there possible to using arduino board like USBasp?

Yes, any of the SPI-based programmers will (should) do it, including a spare Arduino if you have one lying around.

Exactly as johnwasser said.