Using Arduino for a shock clock (yes really)


I am an arduino noob planning to start a project where I make a wrist watch that gives electrical shock, for set times during a day. Planning to control when the watch gives shock through a program (or web) connected through bluetooth (planning to use the NANO 33 sense with ble).

What I am unsure with is how i should go forward, in terms of safety regulating the voltage, and how I should control the nano through a program. Any help is appreciated!

Ok, so why, whats the purpose ?

Way back when I have to admit to rigging up a few tingling projects along with the usual initiation with a megger.
These things are pretty much frowned upon these days and although most might just laugh it off, some are not so forgiving and could well sue your ass.

Traditionally, the audience here considers circuitry designed to provide electric shocks, too great a safety hazard to be in any way responsible for the development of such.

Similarly for anything that purports to be a bomb.

I know it can be done safely, if you know what you're doing. Asking here tells me you don't.

This is another dead giveaway you miss the basics:

in terms of safety regulating the voltage

CURRENT is what an electric shock is about, combined with electric charge, not voltage! That's why 220V mains is really dangerous, while 15-20kV from an electric fence is not.