Using Arduino for my Jeep Hurricane project??


I have a rc project going where I plan to build a Jeep Hurricane and I've been looking into using a Arduino to controll it but since I'm not that well acquainted with these things I thought I'd better ask here first.

First a small presentation of what I'm building. I want to build a rc car of Jeeps concept that used two 5.7L hemi motors, and had the unique feature of Zeero steer where the car turns on a dime litterally.
I will use two electric motors to power it and basically build two cars in one, left and right, the two sides wont be connected mechanically.
I will use four servos to steer the car, probably via some sort of pushrod steering.

I need two things from my controll unit on this project.

First I need to have a function that when I drive the car normally it drives the two motors at the same speed but when the car zero steer I need one of the motors to go the oposite way.

Second I need to have a funtion that when I zero steer all four wheels are set to a preset position.

These are the two main things that I hope one or two Arduino units will help me accomplish, if I then also will be able to program it so that when I turn it reduces the power to the inside wheels, helping me turn better it would be awesome since the way it works now the drivetrain will act like the diffs are att full lock.

I'm currently at work so I can't upload pictures but if you google you will find more info about what I wish to build.